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Fixed-position mechanisms are selected due to their cost advantage more than higher priced tension-controlling equipment. They are available in designs that are standard to NEMA mounting measurements and provide sufficient belt tension control. Nevertheless, such configurations have particular drawbacks, including:

With out a movable plate for installation, system alignment is conducted when it is not operating. This entails a certain quantity of guesswork and is usually less optimal than producing adjustments in dynamic mode.
When the motor is secured constantly in place and the belt aligned, pulley middle distance is locked in. If belt tension is not adequate to operate a vehicle a maximum load without slippage, stress can lead to extra wear of parts.
This kind of structures face difficulty in dealing with load fluctuations and shock or vibrations.
Tension-controlling bases are better to set up and operate. They cope better with situations concerning variation in weight. These units contain the advantage in scenarios where many alterations are required due to location and environment, or where exclusive mounting requirements can be found. They reduce the time to execute changes and can mount motors vertically or horizontally.
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